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Eksantrik Production does film production services under the Eksantrik Production brand and post production services under the Eksantrik-Express Brand.

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FM1992   FM 1992

Production Date:
27 September 2011, Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi
99 min.
+90 555 233 24 40 - +90 555 233 24 41

FM 1992, new social responsibility project of Eksantrik Productions, covers undisclosed stories behind emergence, closing and revival of private radio stations as legal entities.

FM 1992 is a very important source to transfer the real stories of private radio stations, which are among the most important steps in freedom struggle of Turkish broadcasting, to next generations.

FM 1992 immortalizes the epic story of the victories won by hard working and cooperation in spite of limited means, on the way of using democratic tools for improving rights and freedom and to modernization.

You’ll learn lots of real stories of that time from FM 1992 for the first time.

Director of FM 1992 is commercials director Abdullah Eksioglu.

Suya Yazilan Tarih

Release Date:
Ocak 2011
Gendre: Documentary
Runtime: 45 min.. 05 sec
+90 555 233 24 40 - +90 555 233 24 41

Eksantrik Productions is presenting commercials director Elvin Eksioglu with a new approach to underwater documentaries in their social responsibility project.

Did you know; environmental pollution as a result of excessive exploitation of natural resources to cope with the hunger, scarcity and poverty after the World War 2 has been triggered the scuba diving; civil diving started firstly in Turkey; Ozer Ucuran Ciller, husband of Tansu Ciller, the first woman Prime Minister of Turkey, is one of the first four scuba divers; earlier diving tubes were converted from fire extinguishers; and scuba suits were nothing but hand knitted pullovers?

Suya Yazilan Tarih is addressing these issues never addressed before in previous documentaries and development of scuba diving. In Suya Yazilan Tarih, Memories of Berk Or, one of the first scuba divers and presentation of 3 star scuba diving trainer Altay Doyum merge with poetic underwater scenes.

  Suya Yazilan Tarih




Address: P.K.: 112 Fenerbahçe
34725 Kadıköy - İstanbul - Tr.

Producer - Director
Abdullah Ekşioğlu
+90 555 233 24 40


Producer - Director
Elvin Ekşioğlu
+90 555 233 24 41


Producer - Director
Ali Erdem Ekşioğlu
+90 554 447 48 66


Phone: +90 555 233 24 40 - +90 555 233 24 41


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