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Suya Yazilan Tarih

Release Date:
Ocak 2011
Gendre: Documentary
Runtime: 45 min.. 05 sec
+90 555 233 24 40 - +90 555 233 24 41

Eksantrik Productions is presenting commercials director Elvin Eksioglu with a new approach to underwater documentaries in their social responsibility project.

Did you know; environmental pollution as a result of excessive exploitation of natural resources to cope with the hunger, scarcity and poverty after the World War 2 has been triggered the scuba diving; civil diving started firstly in Turkey; Ozer Ucuran Ciller, husband of Tansu Ciller, the first woman Prime Minister of Turkey, is one of the first four scuba divers; earlier diving tubes were converted from fire extinguishers; and scuba suits were nothing but hand knitted pullovers?

Suya Yazilan Tarih is addressing these issues never addressed before in previous documentaries and development of scuba diving. In Suya Yazilan Tarih, Memories of Berk Or, one of the first scuba divers and presentation of 3 star scuba diving trainer Altay Doyum merge with poetic underwater scenes.

  Suya Yazilan Tarih





Elvin Ekşioğlu

(b. 13 September 1966, Istanbul, Turkey), Commrcials Director. Photography Department, Yıldız Technical University and Cinema and Television Department, Fine Arts Faculity, Marmara University graduate. Worked for Tempo, Aktüel, Cosmopolitan and Oto Haber magazines between 1989 - 1992. She opened her exclusive photograph exhibition "Kızkulesi'ne Dokunmak" at Maiden's Tower in 1993. Founded news agency Agency Europe & Anatolia with Abdullah Ekşioğlu in November 1993. Founded Turkey based international production company Eksantrik Prodüksiyon with Abdullah Ekşioğlu in 1998. Her book "Sevgiyle Bütünlenen Yaşam" was published in 1998. Elvin Ekşioğlu is currenty fullfiling her duties as Commercials Director at Eksantrik Prodüksiyon and Editor in Chief at Agency Europe & Anatolia.




Crew List

Producer - Director
Elvin Ekşioğlu

First Assistant Director
Ali Erdem Ekşioğlu

Director of Photography
Mehmet Yüksel

Underwater Camera
Altay Doyum

Writing and Editing by
Abdullah Ekşioğlu

Burak Ersemiz

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